1. Trade processed work is acceptable.

2. To allow for toning, monochrome is defined as having a maximum of two     colours.

3. Print mount size 25cm x 20cm minimum, 50cm x 40cm maximum.

4. Digital images to be submitted in JPG format maximum  size 1400 x 1050     SRGB and individual image files should be labelled in the following form:     Title_author.jpg   Portrait images must not exceed 1050 pixels in height.

5. All items to carry name, address and title. Where a club is sending     multiple entries please ensure that there is an entry form for each     photographer including their full name and address and email     address where possible.

6. Each entered item will cost £1.00.

7. Exact payment to be enclosed with entry (cheques payable to Grange     Photographic Society)

8. An individual image may be entered as a print OR a digital image but not     both. Please do not submit previously accepted work in a different format.

9. Although we take every possible care with entries no responsibility can be     accepted for losses or damage. Please ensure that  entries are adequately     packed for transit – NOT just a carrier bag!

10. Entries for the Nature categories will be judged according to the PAGB      rules(see PAGB E-News issue 201 for details)

11. Nature images entered in the colour or monochrome classes will be assessed      purely as pictorial images    

12. Digital image entries may be submitted on  CD or  USB stick which       will be returned if suitable postage is included  images may       also be sent by email through the web contact page or to  but your  fees should be sent to :-

                     J. Sutton  2 Roman Road . Coventry. CV2 4LD.

                           together with a completed entry form

13. Entries may be collected from the original drop off points after  8th August,       please call collection point before arriving.

      Postal entries will be returned as soon as possible.

     IF YOU HAVE ENTERED Photofolio and would like your entry passed on to us, please mark your

      Photofolio entry clearly to that effect.

      Complete the attached  entry form and send to us by post       together with your remittance.

  All entries will be returned to Smethwick unless you state   otherwise.

  Please enclose sufficient postage if you wish entries to be   returned to you by post.

                Looking forward to your support -  Joanne Sutton and Bob Johnston,                                           Exhibition Committee.

                                       Please note

          there are separate entry forms for

                prints and digital images