Page 32

Ralph Duckett                                                                                                  Burton on Trent PS

                All Lined Up for a Photograph                           Journey into the Unknown                                                       

Lorraine Hardy                                                                                                 Burton on Trent PS

                The Gate                                                       The Night Caller                                                                     

Carolyn  Whetton                                                                                            Burton on Trent PS

                Samil Beach                                                   Walking Away                                                                          

 John Morgan                                                                                                   Coventry PS

                Laura                                                            Whitby Abbey                                                        

                Winter in Suburbia

Roger Neal                                                                                                       Coventry PS

                Cloud over Ashness Bridge                                Wastwater towards Great Gable

Anthony Timmins                                                                                             Dunchurch PS

                34 & 9081 Racing

Bob Johnson  ARPS                                                                                         Grange PS

                A Splash of Red                                              Hot and Cold

                Night of the Aurora                                         Out of the Blue

                Sand, Sea and Sky                                          Shed and Snowstorm

                Siena Duomo                                                   The House in the Snow

                Tuscan Light

Chris Sidney                                                                                                      Grange PS

                The Catch                                                      Urban Explorer

Eric Sutton                                                                                                        Grange PS

                Steam Punk Girl                                              Wide?

Dennis Worrall  FRPS  MPAGB                                                                       Grange PS

                Rumble and Tumble                                        The Repair Man, Cuba

                Workers Breaktime

Peter Williams                                                                                                       Heswall PS

                Smoked Fish

Tony Cartwright                                                                                                   Jaguar PS

                Blue Magic                                                     Paddling by the Piers


Robert Watts                                                                                                        Jaguar PS

        Geese Island                                                  Rydal Water Reflection

Alan Fackrell  BPE 4*                                                                                           Smethwick PS

                At Speed 55 Tyssul Pearl                                 BMX Senior Racers

                Family Group

Alison J Fryer                                                                                                        Smethwick PS

                Autumn Gold                                                 Cotswold Charm


Andy Fryer                                                                                                             Smethwick PS

                Past Champion

Judith Parry DPAGB  AFIAP                                                                                Smethwick PS

                A Chair with a View                                        Performance

                Preparing to Bathe

Roger Parry MPAGB ARPS EFIAP                                                                      Smethwick PS

                Dancing by the Window                                   In the Window Light

               Time to Relax

David Keel                                                                                                  Studley Camera Club

                Ladies Race London Marathon Winner                Last Wicket to Fall

                Oceane Dodin Serving at Set Point                    Trailing in the Dust