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                                     MONOCHROME PRINT AWARDS

                                               PREMIER MONOCHROME PRINT

                    Chalk Dust                                                Nick Archer

                                        PREMIER CLUB MONOCHROME PRINT

                   In Havana                                                               Dennis Worrall

                                                  HIGHLY COMMENDED

                   Lone Tree                                                       Ralph Duckett

                   Freesia Trio                                                    Alison J Fryer

                  Herdwick Sheep                                               Robert Watts


                  Kevin                                                             Nick Archer

                  In Havana                                                      Dennis Worrall


Ralph Duckett                                                                                                      Burton on Trent PS

            Interrogation Chair                                            Lone Tree

Lorraine Hardy                                                                                                    Burton on Trent PS

            Not Giving Up                                                   The Underpass

John Morgan                                                                                                        Coventry PS

             The Bowls Game

Bob Johnston ARPS                                                                                             Grange PS

            First Light                                                        John and Jeanne

Mike Nicholson                                                                                                      Grange PS

             Looking In

Eric Sutton                                                                                                            Grange PS

            The Games the Thing

Joanne Sutton                                                                                                      Grange PS

             A Cold Nose

Dennis Worrall  FRPS  MPAGB                                                                            Grange PS

            Beggar in Duomo Square                                    Cuba Helo

            Fire Hose                                                         Freckles Family

            In Havana                                                        Old Lady Resting in Havana

            Old Spanish Kitchen                                          Roberto Garcia

Nick Archer                                                                                                           Jaguar PS

             Chalk Dust                                                      Kevin

Robert Watts                                                                                                        Jaguar PS

             Herdwick Sheep

Bob Dallow                                                                                                            Smethwick PS

            Fading Beauty                                                  Harmony

Alison J Fryer                                                                                                        Smethwick PS

             Freesia Trio                                                     Low Tide at New Brighton

             Mountain Pines

Andy Fryer                                                                                                            Smethwick PS

             Barn Door                                                        Silo Steps and Shadows

             The Washroom

Judith Parry  DPAGB AFIAP                                                                                Smethwick PS

            Figure with Drape                                              Goldilocks

Roger Parry  MPAGB ARPS EFIAP                                                                     Smethwick PS

            At the Start of a New Day                                   Dreaming by the Window

             Figure in the Chair                                            Form and Texture


David Keel                                                                                                   Studley Camera Club

             Ladies BMX on the First Bend

Cherie Cream                                                                                                        Yardley PS

            Girl with the Dragon Tattoo